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On 25th May, 1 day before the GCE Chinese 'O' Levels, 5 students from The Ess Army went to participate in the Ang Mo Kio GRC and Yio Chu Kang SRC Project Clean. There, they set up a booth with banners made earlier this week and performed a skit on stage to help encourage keeping the environment clean. MPs for Ang Mo Kio GRC, Mr Wee Siew Kim and Dr Lam Pin Min, together with Mr Seng Han Thong, MP for Yio Chu Kang SMC were also there to help spread the message, our soldiers interacted and help pick litter with the MPs.
Here is our booth, where our banner is put up to share with the residents the impact of climate change and how we can stop it.

Here, Chong Junn, who acted as the father, teaches his "children" about the importance of keeping yourself and the environment clean.

Our group members picking up litter around Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10.The man in red T-shirt is Yu xi

Mr Wee promoting the need of having a clean environment for the stall vendor while Yong Qing,our member was listening attentively.

These shows how rampant Singaporeans' littering habits are.The picture on the left shows residents picking up litter near a litter bin! Even there are litter near litter bin!The litterbug do not even bother to throw rubbish into litter bin that is within reach.On the right picture,it shows the amount of litter the event had gathered around the area.About 1m high of litter found within a few minutes

Professor Vilma (second from left) and and Celiene (far left), founders of the Cicada Tree Eco Place, were also there to lend us their support.

At the end of the event,THE ESS ARMY posed for a picture with Mr Wee.

Reflections and feedback from members of The Ess Army

Today's event was great and I enjoyed it as I gain a lot of new experiences.

My friends and I put up a skit about 'how to be clean and healthy' in front of Ang Mo Kio and Yio Chu Kang MPs.

Of course we were very nervous as all of them sat right in front of the stage, but we overcame our fear and did it.

Yuxi's mic was not working properly and he had to shout, I hope that everybody could hear him as his lines were all very funny.

The purpose of our skit was to tell people and kids on how to keep themselves clean and healthy.

We shared the danger of living in a dirty environment with them, as it could spread diseases very quickly.

Thus, we urged them to: 1.wash their hands before they eat, 2.throw litters to the litter bin, 3.ensure that their toilets are clean. Our skit was very simple and easy to understand and the message was clear.

Earlier on, we talked to Mr.Wee Siew Kim, the MP of AMK GRC. He is a very nice man and thanked us for being there to help to conserve the environment.

He said that today, the issue of climate change and global warming is very popular and each and everyone of us have to take part to save the world from these emerging problems.

We also took picture with him and followed him and other MPs walked around AMK Ave10 to pick up some litters. Those litters would be accumulated into a litter meter box.

We actually set up a booth to help to promote Shoo Mozzie, the organic insect repellent. By doing this, we hope that people would stop using their current insect repellent and use shoo mozzie instead.

It is environmentally friendly and is made up of locally available renewable resources. It will not endanger anybody and it is nice smelling too!!

I hoped that we had done something useful to the environment and contribute something to the society. I wish that people are now aware of their surroundings and are moved to keep their environment clean.

Reflection by Yong Qing

It was a beaufitul sunday. Tanya, Jill, Yu Xi, Chong Kunn and I woke up early in the morning for a community project: Project CLEAN.

When we first reached there, we set up our booths before Jill and I had our breakfast.

After awhile, the MP came and we introduced the organic pesticide to him and his entourage of grassroots helpers.

Chong Junn went up to him to introduce the Shoo Mozzie. As Chong Junn introduced the Shoo Mozzie to the MP, I realized something.

People in Singapore are really enthusiastic about environmental problems. The only obstacle they face is that there are simply insufficient talks and community projects to educate them on environmental awareness.

I sincerely hope that my friends and I can do our part in environmental awareness. We hope that through the worldview 360 competition, we can do our part in promoting environmental awareness and come up with ideas that will be beneficial to the environment.

At around 9:30am, we performed our skit. I guess I can summarize our performance in one word- ecstatic. We thoroughly enjoyed the process of educating the public on environmental awareness as well as their health.

What really gave us the drive to do well was the audience. My group and I really appreciate their kind attention.

After our skit and a short talk by the MP, Yuxi, Chong Junn and I followed the MP to collect litter around the neighbourhood while Tanya and Jill followed the Ang Mo Kio SMC group to collect litter in another part of the neighbourhood.

As we picked up the litter with the MP, I really felt honoured. I was really touched by the MP's effort. Despite being very busy, he could still take out some time for this event.

As he picked up the litters, I felt that since the MP is also doing this, then why not the people. After picking up the litters, we threw all our litter bags a big bin.

I was really surprised that the litter collected in the neighbourhood could reach a height of 1m. At that instant, I felt that if everyone could do their part, then less money would be spent on making new products that will be exploited from the environement as more can be recycled.

At the end of the event, I felt a sense of achievement because i strongly believe that what i have done today will leave an impact on the residents living there as well as raise their awareness on environmental problems.

Reflection by Teo Chong Junn

On 25 May2008, Jill, Yu Xi, Yong Qing,Tanya and I participated in the Project Clean at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10.We set up our booth in the area and started promoting climate change to the residents there.

As it was early morning, most of the audience were young children and senior citizen.These were also the audience we wanted as they are the age groups that are the least exposed to climate change message.

Young children still are not educated about the imminent threat of climate change because lower primary school education does not include this topic in depth. Thus we feel the need to start sharing with the youth.Senior citizen too as it was until around1970s then scientists agreed on global warming.

We also introduced our banner to Mr Wee Siew Kim,MP of Ang Mo Kio GRC who agreed in the importance of promoting climate change and applauded us for our efforts to also promote SHOO MOZZLE, an organic insect repellant where production of it will has lesser carbon emission than conventional ones.

Next,we also performed a skit named A Clean and Healthy Me.The skit was to educate young children on how to be clean and thus be healthy.The skit was short and simple but have clear message-to have proper hygiene standard by washing hand,stop littering and keeping toilet clean.We hope that through this skit,children will stay healthy.

EDIT 27/05: We made it into an article in a local newsletter in Jalan Kayu! Here's an excerpt:


To ensure a sustainable clean estate, every resident needs to do his/her part in helping to keep the estate litter-free. That was the message at the CLEAN @ AMK launch on Sunday, 25 May.

MPs for Ang Mo Kio GRC, Mr Wee Siew Kim and Dr Lam Pin Min, together with Mr Seng Han Thong, MP for Yio Chu Kang SMC were on hand to help spread the message. Leading by example, the MPs with grassroots leaders, residents and students helped picked up litter and distributed CLEAN educational leaflets.

CLEAN is the acronym for Community-Led Efforts Against Littering. The campaign was jointly organised by grassroots organizations of Ang Mo Kio GRC and Yio Chu Kang SMC, together with the support from NEA and town council.

Said MP Mr Wee, “We must be responsible for our environment. CLEAN will involve all residents as well as the foreign workers living in our estates. It is also a great way to inculcate anti-littering habits among our young.”

The young also did their part to promote the CLEAN message. A group of environmentally conscious students from Mayflower Secondary School put up a skit on ‘how to be clean and healthy’. Tanya, one of the students, shared her experience, “Through our skit, we shared the danger of living in a dirty environment with the residents. It was a great experience being part of the Project CLEAN launch and joining MP Mr Wee in picking up litter and discarding all the litter we picked into the litter meter box!”

Litterbins brightened up with designs painted by students in the bin art competition were deployed around the estates after the launch.

The NEA will follow up with the Resident Committees to monitor the cleanliness of void decks, lift lobbies, walkways, car parks and playgrounds. Look out for the results, which will be posted on RC notice boards.

So do your part and keep your estate clean!
The newsletter can be found here. However, since the website has not been updated, it does not show the most recent newsletter.

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