leftrightMonday, June 30, 2008
On 28 June 2008, The ESS Army went to Block 177 to do a skit promoting cleanliness and health, and at the same time, sold bottles of Shoo Mozzie, our all-natural insect repellent to the community.

This is our stage!!

Our Shoo Mozzie banners

Yong Qing promoting Shoo Mozzie to a customer

Yong Qing explaining the advantages of using Shoo Mozzie

Vanessa and Jill tending the booth

Our skit actors and actresses ((:

Some of The ESS Army members with the MP for AMK GRC, Mr Inderjit Singh

The ESS Army thank Mr Inderjit Singh for his kindness in providing some of his time for us, NEA for their support and everyone in the community who has shown support and enthusiasm for our skit and sale of Shoo Mozzie ((:

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