leftrightMonday, June 9, 2008
Last weekend, on the 7th and 8th, in Anchor Point B1, we had the opportunity to collabrate with the Youth Environmental Guardians, who was under the YMCA-CITIBANK Youth for Causes project, and the Enterprising Club to promote and sell our product: Shoo Mozzie. The profits gained from the sale all goes to ACRES. Together, we promoted Shoo Mozzie, the all natural insect repellent at Anchor Point where we were taking part in the Enterprising Retailing Team Challenge 2008. Other than Shoo Mozzie, we were also selling other products such as hand-made handicrafts. In the end, we were one of the top 2 teams which had the highest profit, and earn the gold award.

Below are some of the pictures taken at the event.
Here, Yuxi is persuading a potential customer into buying the Shoo Mozzie.

Helpers from the Enterprising Club also helped us promote the sale of this all natural insect repellant.

The sec 1 YEGs are briefed and taught how to persuade potential customers.

Here are the the sec 1s YEG who helped make the Shoo Mozzie. Now, they're eager to sell their product.
In the afternoon, a second shift arrived to help sell our products and to give the first shift students a break.

All in all, alot of experience was gained from this event. We look forward into promoting our cause and product and also collabrate with more groups and organisations.

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