leftrightThursday, June 5, 2008
Someone asked an interesting question on the tag. He asked "May I know how will picking up litter contribute to effort to combat climate change?...just trying to know more about climate change"

Here is a website that you can go to. It shows the link between climate change and picking up litter.

Programs - Waste reduction

In the late 1990’s, waste and litter reduction were very high profile issues in Nova Scotia, with the introduction of the Waste Reduction Strategy and the 50% diversion target.

The province reached 50% diversion in 2001, but public interest has subsequently waned. Diversion levels are slipping below 50%, waste per capita is increasing and the number of disposable non-recyclable products on the market continues to rise.

It is time to turn the spotlight back on waste reduction and to focus on consumption and buying patterns so that people choose to rethink and reduce first, reuse second and recycle third.

Clean Nova Scotia believes that education is the key to protecting our environment for future use, enjoyment and economic benefit.

We currently offer the Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up, a provincial anti-litter program and Waste Reduction Week, a national campaign.

We hope that after reading the website you will do you part and continue to keep the environment clean.

Thank you for your question.

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