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To A Green Lifestyle
S imple W ays I T ake to C hange my H abits

What is SWITCH?

SWITCH is Central Singapore district's first flagship climate change programme:

Simple Ways I Take to Change my Habits.

Three focus areas were identified for the progrmme :

Save Energy,

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,

Travel Green.

Making the SWITCH
to an environmentally friendly lifestyle
now could not be more timely and urgent.

Project SWITCH
aims to educate the community
that being green
does not mean being deprived
of all modern conveniences
but that adopting simple changes
to our lifestyle is all it takes
to make a huge difference in global warming.

Make The SWITCH Today!

Save Our Environment & Money!

Wish to start saving more energy
but not sure which appliance
is gobbling up the electricity in your home?

Find out through
the Home Electricity Calculator

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