leftrightMonday, June 30, 2008
This is the video of five members from The ESS army performing a replica of the same skit that we have done on 25th May ,A Clean And Healthy Me on stage at AMK Ave 4 Block 177 Block Party.As you can see,we have a different cast of actor as compared to the initial one at Ang Mo Kio Blk 548 on 25th May. We want to equip all our member with the skill to act in the skit and spread the message of the need for care for our environment. This is necessary to empower a sustainable society,having the 'younger" generation to take over the "older" generation for the spreading our message of environmental awareness.In our school,Mayflower Secondary School,we already have younger Youth Environmental Guardian in secondary 1,2 and 3s.

Rehearsing before the skit

Doing the skit!

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