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This is the script for our presentation.

Good Afternoon, Dr Amy Khor, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, and Mayor, South West CDC, ladies and gentlemen, friends and participants from the Worldview 360.

We are from the ESS Army,

I am Tanya, and I am the other Tania, this is Jessica, Tommy, Vanessa, Agustina, and Emanto. We are from Indonesia,

I am Yuxi and I am from China.

I am Jill, he is Chong Junn, Jeremia, Yong Qing and we are from Singapore.

Together, we are the Ess Army -- Empowering a Sustainable Society.

Wait a minute. (Slowly) Why do we want to waste time telling people where we are from?

Well, one of the objectives for worldview 360 is to promote cross-cultural understanding (hand to wave and point to students shaking hands) and harmony through the sharing of common activities and experiences of youths from different races and culture.


Yes, through this competition, we learnt that global warming and extreme climate change phenomena like floods and rising see level affects all of us regardless of .....where we come from, who we are…. So we tell them, we are the Ess army.

Wait a minute. Wait wait…

What in the world is the Ess Army?

Who is this Ess?
Is he making an Ass of himself fighting a lost cause? Climate Change? Global Warming? Don’t waste your time.Don’t be an ASS.

Ah that is where you are wrong Yong Qing.We, the youth are challenge to come up with feasible and practical projects to protect our environment, slow down climate change and global warming.

O.k. (Challenging tone) So, what has the Ess Army done?

Well, we worked with an environmental N G O called Cicada Tree Eco Place to develop an all natural, organic insect repellent.

Ah ? (Acting surprise ) What for? Kill mosquito ah?

Ah ( With a hint of mystery) listen to what the Ess army has to say.

Aunty, Aunty Would you like to try this?

Ah yeo What is this?

Ah this is Shoo Mozzie. It is all natural, it will not cause cancer because it does not have DEET and best of all when you use this you will help to protect the environment.

Really Ah?

Really We need to save the environment and there is very little time left now.If we do not play our part, then there will be more flood like what happened in Myanmar, China, India and USA.

Choy Ya Ta Jia Ta Li. (In hokkien) Singapore will not flood.

Aunty cannot say like that.
Remember the florist shop along Thomson Road?.
They were flooded in December 2006.
Even Kota Tinggi was also flooded. We must start now.

Ya Ho


I must go and tell all my majong Kakie about this.

Way …. AH Kum Soh ah … You know ah… (Walk away).

Is this real?
Is this reliable? Are you sure the Ess army have been speaking to the community about Shoo Mozzie?

But of Course. Let Vanessa share with you how we empower ourselves to fight climate change.

Hi I am Vanessa.
Let me share with you our three Ps approach of Programme, People and Passion to empower a sustainable society.

Firstly there is the Programme. By working with the National Environmental Agency, we have been putting up road shows like what you have just seen. We did one for the CLEAN Project at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 in May and another at Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 in June. We also went to Anchor Point shopping centre to promote our Shoo Mozzie.

Through this we are given the opportunity to talk about climate change and global warming to the community at large

Wow, that is impressive.
But how do you empower yourself to speak with confident and authority so that you will be more credible?
After all, you all are very young and some older people will say that they have eaten more salt then you have eaten rice.

Yes, we know we are very young but we are willing to learn from the expert. For example, we went to NIE to learn from Prof Wilma D’ Rozario how to protect the environment and how she sustains her passion.

We learnt form Uncle Joe Lai, a botanist, on how mangrove forests protect the river bank and coasts during a Tsunami or flood.

Did you know that the extent of the damage brought by Typhoon Nargis in Myanmar was made worse because all the mangroves were removed and replaced with prawn farms and padi fields?

O.K. I can see that you have the programme, and you have the people, the Expert who will empower you but ….

what about your passion?
Will the Ess army stop after this competition?

What happen when all the foreign students leave Singapore at the end of the year?

It is true that some of us will be leaving Singapore after our O level exam

But do not forget our Blog.

The Ess Army Blog.
We have discovered that the internet is a very powerful tool to connect people from all over the world.

We have invited our friends from Indonesia, Thailand and China to join in our fight to stop or slow down global warming and climate change.

Even if they cannot be around to sell Shoo Mozzie, they can read articles that we have posted on our blog, they can look at our video and pictures and get inspired.

Best of all when we formed the Ess Army, we know that we will not get any CCA points nor any CIP hours. So all of us took part in this project because we really care for the environment. So we are confident that we have the Passion to sustain this project beyond this competition.

To sum, global warming and extreme climate change phenomena such as floods and rising sea level are pressing issues facing the world today.

Time is not on our side.

Worldview 360 has challenged us with this question "What can our youths do to help protect our environment?"

If we do not do something, no one else will. We are all in the same boat. Remember Norh’s ark is built by amateurs, the Titanic by profession.

Protecting the environment is not just for you me or the Aunties in Ang Mo Kio. It is for everyone

So are you ready to be an ess ?

and join the Ess Army?

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