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‘Well, a week of exhaustion awaits me, I guess, but, well, that's life. CCA will start again, CIP too I guess, extra lessons are of course still on, and also The Ess Army are getting busy. So, I have to put on a cheerful mood for the whole week, otherwise I'll suffer. Hahaha.’ – 11 May 2008.

‘I feel that the ess army members are able to communicate better among each other now than during previous meetings ((:’ – 26 May 2008.

‘Alright, I have to do final packing now. Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Jakarta at 5 am from my hostel. I'll be back on June 15. Meanwhile though, I will still go online and take care of The Ess Army stuff if needed.’ – 8 June 2008

‘Even the Ess Army and the Shoo Mozzie thing had brought me closer to some of my classmates.’ – 8 June 2008

After that was the finalisation of The Ess Army proposal and presentation boards, which took about 5-6 hours O.O’ – 16 June 2008, one day after I went back from Jakarta

‘The Ess Army got into Top 3! ^^ I did not expect anything, I did not dare to :P It feels so good somehow. It's like you've worked hard together with your friends, and really achieved something. It's a nice feeling (:’ – 25 June 2008

Yesterday's Ess Army project was rather enjoyable. It kinda started to feel....addictive, you know. At first I feel some challenge in doing whatever we are doing, but somewhere along the way, I started to really really enjoy doing what we do, and together with the rest of the army, they were fun (:’ – 29 June 2008'

‘Today is supposed to be our rehearsal and meeting – The Ess Army. Gosh I really hate playing in a skit :S Ok, ok, I’ll do it once and for all. I don’t mind acting in front of my friends……..but it really bugs me that I have to act in front of other people :S’ – 4 July 2008

Those excerpts, taken from my blog, were like small windows to the journey I had been through these last two and a half months.

I still remember when we were about to interview Dr Drozario and Mrs Ess shared with us how her friend asked her what she is doing all these for. Then I asked myself, "What am I doing this for?"

Well, I've always had some environmental awareness inside me, which I did not know how to bring out in Jakarta, where poverty, traffic jam and flood issues beat those of environmental ones, but.....why now, when O Levels are just around the corner?

I guess I just love exposing myself to new things.

Otherwise I wouldn't have joined taekwondo as my CCA, would I?

I did not regret my decision. I have been enjoying everything all along, all the different experts and members of the public that we met, various contradictory praises and criticisms from anonymous people, and......perhaps most of all, getting to know people that I have known before even more: fellow soldiers and also teachers.

All these had brought me closer to my friends. I have to admit that I was guilty of keeping to myself and sticking to several people last year as a new student in class.

When we were asked to pair up for the sale of Shoo Mozzie during the Singapore Garden Festival, though, I realised that I really don’t mind being paired up with any one of them, any of my wonderfriends, a term I use to describe my wonderful friends.

Probably one of the most important lessons that I have learned from being a soldier of the Ess Army, is really that line from the bible, "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you."

Being a member of the Ess Army shows me that some things will happen when you ask for it.

Lessons, experiences, connections, life skills and ‘wonderfriends’.

What more could you ask for in return for doing simple things that save the environment?


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