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Many people have asked: "What does the ESS in The Ess Army stands for?"

Well, today, I'm going to tell you just what it stands for!

"ESS" is an acronym for our motto: Empowering a Sustainable Society. Let me further elaborate on this.

Our current society is not very pleasent. Pollution are found in almost every developed country, and some undeveloped ones too. Now, if this carries on, we won't have a society at all. Our aim is to empower the society so that they will practice habits that will not damage the environment. This way, we can sustain a society in which both the flora and fauna are able to live together, without drastic consequences.

We achieve this aim by using the 3P's: People, Programme, Passion.

The Ess Army have been inviting and working with many people, groups and organisation. The few I would love to highlight is Uncle Joe (Joseph Lai) and Dr D'Rozario.

Uncle Joe is an environmentalist, and he's a very informative man, especially of the ecology of Pulau Ubin. Some time before the competition, he gave afew of us a personal tour of Pulau Ubin, explaining the different flora and fauna, and the effects of development on the island. During the competition, we interviewed him to know more of his passion for the environment. [link]

The next person is Dr D'Rozario. Dr Vilma Drozario is a lecturer at National Institute of Education. Though it's not part of her job, she is also a very passionate environmentalist from young. We also interviewed her [link], and also asked for help on what are the things we can do to help spread the message.
She is the co-founder of Cicada Tree Eco Place, an environmental NGO. Through this NGO we learn how to make Shoo Mozzie, an all natural insect repellent.

We use our relationships with people to learn more of the environment, and what we can do. Through this, we have learn a lot, and have also done a lot more.

For programmes, we have worked closely with the National Environmental Agency through a programe called the Youth Environmental Guardian.
Through this programme, we were given an opportunity to perform a skit at Blk 458 on 25th May, during the Project CLEAN @ AMK. [link]
The title of the skit was "A Clean and Healthy Me"

Lastly we took a trip to Vietnam to learn about the harmful effects of insecticides and herbicides on the environment.

The "A Clean and Healthy Me" skit where we performed during the Project CLEAN @ AMK was a huge success. We socialised with the MP of AMK GRC, Mr Wee, and spread our cause to him, in hopes he will support us. We were also featured in a newsletter of Jalan Kayu. [link]

Then, we went to Vietnam to learn more of the herbicide called Agent Orange, a dangerous chemical containing dioxin. It was used by the Americans on the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. Though it was used over 30 years ago, it's effect is still prominent, in both the descendants of its victims and the lush forest it has destroyed. [link]

The latest project we have was the Enterprising Retailing Team Challenge 2008 at Anchorpoint on the 7th and 8th June. There, we had the chance to promote and sell our organic insect repellant, the Shoo Mozzie. Not only did we won the Gold award for the challenge, we also learn many valueable enterprising skills. [link]

We also have many other upcoming programmes and activities, such as the skit and selling of Shoo Mozzie at AMK Ave 4 Block 177 in partnership with Kebun Baru CC on the 28th June, the presentation to the school during CARE TALK on the 30th June, and the Singapore Garden Festival in Suntec City from the 25th to 1st Aug. We hope through these programmes, we can inspire and empower more people to join our cause and help fight against global warming.

The last P, Passion, comes from the people involved in protecting the environment and helping to prevent climate change. These people include us, Uncle Joe, Dr D'Rozario, and many more. Their passion drive them to do whatever it takes to help protect the environment and prevent global warming. They will do it even if there's nothing for them. We sacrifice much of our time to help spread the word, even if there's nothing in it for us. Uncle Joe and Dr D'Rozario sacrificed their time to spend with us in hope that we will be able to have their passion, and continue the efforts to fight towards the common goal.

I hope through this you will understand our group better, and realise your potential to be the saviour of mother earth.

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